Kathy Goughenour's 

Virtual Expert LIVE 2019


May 3, 4, and 5 2019 
St. Charles, MO

3-Day Live Event in St. Charles, Missouri

Envision where you want your Virtual Assistant business to go, 

Create your map to get there ...


We’ll help you discover the services you'll love providing to clients and the type of clients you'll enjoy working with. Plus, we’ll help you identify what needs to be done to get your virtual career started, find your clients, and get moving towards the Virtual Expert level.

We teach you how to price your services, hold consultations to get prospects to "YES!", and get contracts signed. We help you discover that you have exactly what you need to create a successful virtual career with the skills you already have!

We show you how to keep those clients and  create consistent monthly income. You'll discover the possibilities (and actual probabilities) of creating a 5-figure or 6-figure virtual assistant career for yourself. Can you say financial security?

ALL levels and all prices must pay *$97 Save-My-Seat fee*
in addition to the price of admission.

(Save My Seat fee is refunded after you attend all 3 days of the event.)

Learn How to


This is the moment of truth:

Deep down you feel like you’re stuck. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Yet, you’re unsatisfied.

You’re craving change — you need something more, something different … and soon.

You’re capable of more. You’re a smart, brilliant woman. You’re strong enough to make a change.

But, you’re scared because you have no idea where to begin or what to do next.

Well, it’s time to get real. You deserve more in life. You’re worthy of living your best life — the life you’ve always imagined.

And – this is the best part – you don’t have to do it alone.

Regardless of where you are in building your VA career — just starting out or exploring how to expand your existing career — it’s easier with a tribe.

That’s right. A tribe. A group of hard working, motivated, brilliant women who have been in your shoes. Women who will be there along side you to guide, support, and celebrate with you as you write the next chapter of your life.

Heck, they’ll even laugh, cry, and do a happy dance with you!

Creating the career and life you want.
You’re capable of it all.

Reserve NOW before the price increases

What You Will Experience at the Event


Kathy Goughenour 

After finding the courage to say "bye-bye" to her corporate marketing career, Kathy Goughenour built a 6-figure virtual assistant business from her tiny house in the middle of nowhere. Today, she helps women just like you create success on your own terms ... to give you the flexibility and freedom you crave. Whether that means working part-time and earning $35,000 annually, working full time and earning $50,000 annually, or building a multi-VA team and earning 6-figures annually.

Kathy's students describe her as a confidence and profit building expert. After working with her, you look and sound like a professional, and clients beg to work with you.

Kathy and her Expert VA Training program have been mentioned in The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, All You, and The Wealthy Freelancer, to name a few.


Reserve NOW before the price increases

Take a L👀K at These Amazing Guest Speakers!

(and these incredible presentations they will give)

Debbie Burns is the international bestselling author of The Path to Courage and founder of the Sacred Rebels Soul Map + Intensives. Deb is a master at showing you how to believe in yourself and your magic so strongly the world can’t help but believe in you too.
Path to Courage.
Courage is the most important asset we have as entrepreneurs. Without it, we will not succeed. In this interactive workshop with Deb, we’ll journey to the heart of our fears and take the steps necessary to turn roadblocks into breakthroughs.


Joe Burns doesn’t just talk to money, he can hear it talk back. As the Founder of the Money Mastery Playbook and NextGen Millionaire™ movement, he aligns change agents, innovators, and impact makers to their highest self and greatest impact.
The Money Mastery Playbook. In this interactive workshop, Joe opens up his playbook on making more money through simple, actionable steps. Discover how money stories are holding you back from getting the paying clients you desire and exactly what you can do to flip the script to draw them in (instead of pushing them away).


Edie Clarke is a Video and YouTube Strategist, with over 10 years of video editing and video marketing experience. She helps entrepreneurs, increase presence, engage with their audience and create brand awareness for their business using videos and YouTube!
How to Get More Clients by Leveraging YouTube. In this presentation, I will share the benefits of adding YouTube to your list of services to offer your clients. I'll explain why clients need this service, what you can offer, and how to get started.

Mary J Hanley is Head Coach of Expert VA® Training, Social Media Coach & Trainer, and owner of My Virtual Service, Inc. Her experiences have taken her from creating databases from a stack of business cards to speaking in front of crowds of 200+ and earning up to $250/hr. Customer service and building strong relationships with other entrepreneurs have been the backbone for creating her successful business.
Power Partners: How they can grow your business.
What if I told you that your relationships with other VAs could be the easiest way to grow your business. These relationships are called Power Partners. Power Partners will not only help you generate more and better business it will also reward you with satisfying personal and professional relationships to continue to build upon. 


Cindy Winslow is an experienced real estate agent, trainer and real estate virtual assistant. Cindy helps to provide Realtors with an affordable solution to their need for assistance with their administrative tasks. Using her knowledge and expertise, Cindy has built a successful virtual assistant company, Real Estate Virtual Experts.
Are you a victim or a victor? The emotions we experience as entrepreneurs are like riding a roller coaster! How we handle those ups and downs is a choice we make. Becoming aware of how we let those emotions affect us can prevent us from falling into the victim trap and becoming a victor over our feelings.


Jeanette Ortega is the founder & CEO of Ultimate Virtual Assistants (UVA for short). Her team of Virtual Assistants specializes in providing coaches, online entrepreneurs and marketers with technical support and online event production.
Power Partners: Increase Your Income in 2019 by Producing Telesummits. In this presentation you will learn: why  you need  to be offering  Telesummit production  services to your clients, what  I mean  by Telesummit  production skills  and why this service  is in high demand and why  you don't  need to be  techie in order  to start making money producing Telesummits.

Erica Bast  found her niche working with millennial business owners who were tired of the rat race and wanted to be creative on their own terms. She works with companies through peer mentorship, project management, and speaking, so they can continue to be creative. 
Learn how to get clients by showing up and keeping your promises. We all work from home and forget that there are networking opportunities all around us. Take a shower, put on whatever gives you power, and start showing up. As my coach always says, Just Do It!

Are you currently working as a Virtual Assistant, but struggling in some aspect of your business?

Are you ready to enjoy your career, consistently earn more, get high-paying clients and ... go from being a low-paid Virtual Assistant to a well-paid Virtual Expert?

It doesn't happen on it's own.  You need a plan of action, and a supportive team of experienced professionals to help guide you.  (And celebrate your victories!)

Are you ready?

Claim your spot and give your business the structure and goals it's been waiting for. ...and give yourself some FUN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Expert LIVE is taking place on Friday, May 3, through Sunday, May 5, in St. Charles, Missouri.  VIP participants receive an evening session with Kathy; this will be the ultimate PJ party!

Just like working from home—we encourage comfort! So you should wear what you feel most comfortable in! Keep in mind that this is spring time in Missouri so be sure to check the weather as we get closer to the event. (Layering is your best option as average temperatures range from 67 to 47.) VIP Level attendees are welcome and encouraged to bring PJs for the special sessions with Kathy. This is going to be the ultimate PJ party!

General tickets are $497 and VIP tickets are $1,000.  General level tickets must pay a $97 hold-my-seat fee* in addition to the price of admission. This fee will be refunded when you attend all 3 days of the event. Both levels include two full days of information and exploration to build clarity, confidence and consistency to start or expand your VA career using the skills you already have. VIP participants will also be invited to a special evening session with Kathy to dive deep into the exploration of your career, VIP seating, and other fun surprises.

No. All tickets must be purchased in advance to ensure there is enough space and materials for all attendees.

Yes, 60 attendees is the maximum number of people who can attend. Tickets are selling fast! This will sell out, so do not wait to purchase.

Under no circumstances will there be refunds. However, your $97 hold-my-seat fee will be refunded when you attend all 3 days of the event.

Tickets only include admission to the event. Airfare, travel expenses, accommodations, and meals are not included in the ticket price. The Drury Inn offers free breakfast, an evening kickback (real food like baked potatoes, salad, and an ever changing entree), and will have other snacks (popcorn and soda) available throughout the day. Kathy is providing beverages (water, coffee, tea and soda) and snacks throughout the day in the meeting room.

The St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) is located approximately 13 miles away from the hotel.

Upon purchase of a ticket to Expert VA LIVE, you will receive information on a special room rate at the Drury Inn and Suites in St. Charles, MO. Be sure to use the link you receive in your confirmation email for the special room rate for this event! See your confirmation email for more details.

The hotel includes complimentary wi-fi for all guests.

So, Are You Ready To Build A Successful Career On Your Own Terms?

Join Us

May 3 – May 5 
St. Charles, MO



St. Charles—a quaint, historical city—is located just 13 miles from St. Louis International Airport.The historical, brick-lined Main Street of St. Charles offers one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants.

As a participant of the Virtual Expert Live event, you receive a special room rate and additional amenities at the Drury Plaza Hotel. All information about how to get the special rate and amenities will be emailed to you after you register.


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