How to Create Your Path to a 6 Figure
VA Business in 2021

Thursday, March 11, 2021

From 9 to 10:30 am CT 

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When you attend, you will learn how to:

  • Reset your mindset so that you can visualize your 6-figure life and make it happen.
  • Accelerate your growth with a coach who has been where you are and, more importantly, is where you want to be.
  • Get high-paying clients to say YES by demonstrating your value, NOT by selling!
  • Amplify your voice and expand your reach with collaboration from our Virtual Expert community 
  • Leverage your time so that you can supercharge your results and scale to 6-figures and beyond!

Hi, I’m Kathy

And yes, like Glinda, I am a good witch, but I ditched the pink ball gown for a tiara and pajamas.

At 44, I knew I wanted more. I was bored and unfulfilled in a dull, monochromatic corporate marketing career.

So I pulled the plug and built my own bright, technicolor 6-figure Virtual Assistant business from inside my dream home, a tiny house in the middle of a national forest.

I wanted to live by my own rules, feel appreciated, and get paid what I was worth. I was tired of fitting into someone else’s box. I knew I wanted to break out, so I took the leap and the net appeared.

Today, I have the privilege of showing other Virtual Assistants like YOU that you have everything you need to create a thriving 6-figure Virtual Expert® business -- so that you can enjoy the freedom, fulfillment, and financial security you crave.

Will you have the courage to step out of your own gray life and follow the yellow brick road that awaits you?

Click your heels. It’s time to get started.

Don’t let the lies of self doubt dull your shine. 🌈

Throw some water on that witch and step into the BOSS you were meant to be.  

Your Path to a 6-Figure Virtual Assistant Business in 2021 is Here 

A Yellow-Brick Road to Limitless Possibility

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Grow your VA business to withstand ANY pandemic, lockdown, or angry witch with an army of flying monkeys.

Radical success is within reach

Your Path To A 6-Figure Virtual Assistant Business in 2021 is for VAs LIKE YOU who are:

  • Stuck earning less than $75K annually, but don’t know how to grow.
  • Tired of being underpaid for the value you provide your clients.
  • Ready to create a 6-figure income stream that crushes your family’s financial goals like a falling house on a wicked witch.
  • Ready to walk a new road without having to go back to school or use enchanted ruby slippers with a coach who has been there and done that.

Your yellow-brick road to radical success is here!
Let’s take this journey together.

Does this sound familiar?

What if the virtual assistant market is already saturated and I can’t find enough clients to reach my 6-figure goal?

Not true! Banish those limiting beliefs. Because of our changing world, there is more abundance of opportunity over this rainbow than ever before.

Yes, there really are clients who are willing to pay what you’re worth! The money is out there. Your skills are your superpowers and you’re worth more than what you’re making now. It’s time to leverage those skills to specialize as a Virtual Expert®.

There are overwhelmed business owners desperate for your help RIGHT NOW. All you need is a guide and a plan. I’ll give you both.

The world feels crazy right now. I don’t know if I want to quit my job today.

It’s okay. You don’t have to quit today...unless you want to.

Our world is in a tornado of chaos right now, just like Dorothy experienced in her life in Kansas. But with chaos comes opportunity. Business owners are looking for people with your skills to help them manage, systemize, and grow their online businesses.

Open the door and step out of what no longer serves you to the bright technicolor future that awaits you. You have what it takes RIGHT NOW to be successful. Let me show you how.

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Life is too short to be competing on price.
Work with clients who will pay for the value you provide.

Are you a VA who is:

  • Earning less than $75K in your VA business?
  • Not really doing any marketing, mostly because you don’t know how?
  • Looking for consistent monthly income, but struggling to find high-paying clients?

PERFECT! You’re in the right place to begin growing your business today.


It’s time for you to live in full color.
Harness the power inside you and create a life you love as a Virtual Expert®.

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As a Virtual Expert®, YOU set the rules on what you want your life to be.

It’s ALL possible.
You deserve more than what you’re making now.

Picture your life a year from now.

What would life look like with a 6-figure revenue stream?

That freedom, fulfillment, and financial security you need to make your dreams come true is ALL possible.

But if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

You deserve more than what you’re making now for the work you’re doing.

Step into the life you were meant to live.

Are YOU ready for radical success?

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Testimonials from Superstar Students.
Will YOU be our next Superstar🌟?

"My aha moment was when I realized that I had already been doing so much like this already for the past 15 years... This is right up my alley. I can do this!"

~Lauren Jane

"This was very thought provoking! Some of these problems I have seen before in my J.O.B life so I can use the same solutions but this time with the support of the group!"

~Pamela Kryglik

Shortcut your path to success with a proven system that has already helped hundreds of VAs who had the courage to say, I WANT MORE. I DESERVE MORE.

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