Are you ready to launch (or expand) your career as an Expert Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Begin the journey toward owning a successful business that's fulfilling and enjoyable.

You may have questions, though, about how to build your business. Take the guesswork out of your new career endeavor when you enroll in a free training, "Expert VA Quick Start Success Secrets: Seven Steps to Avoid the Overwhelm and Launch Your Profitable VA Business Now!"


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Why Do You Need This Training?

You could guess your way to success, but why not learn from someone who's already a success in the VA industry? Enroll today to receive nine keys to help you build your very own successful VA business:

1. Learn the tools of the trade.

Launching an Expert VA business could be the next step to your professional, financial and personal success, but first you need to learn the tools of the trade. With this webinar, you discover the exact tools you need for success.

2. Build a strong, sustainable foundation for your business.

Do you want to constantly struggle to find quality clients? Do you enjoy chasing clients and begging them to hire you? Or would you prefer to have clients coming to you, begging YOU to take them on? Discover the building blocks and the steps you need to have a waiting list of high-paying clients.

3. Find your niche.

Your chances of success as a virtual assistant increase when you find the right niche for your professional skills, talents and interests. You’ll discover why finding your niche is crucial to your success, and the hottest niches in today’s market.

4. Develop and keep a steady stream of clients.

Finding and keeping clients is a key to VA business success. Take the guesswork out of this task when you discover the secrets of generating a steady stream of quality clients.

5. Discover how to avoid common VA mistakes.

Any time you start a new job or career, you face a learning curve. Jumpstart your VA career when you learn common VA mistakes and tips for avoiding those mistakes. Your new business will succeed even faster because you're prepared.


6. Access to someone who has accomplished what you want to achieve and can show you the way.

Learn from Kathy Goughenour, a 6-figure, veteran, Expert VA with a passion for training others to operate successful businesses.

Here are a few testimonials about her training:

Lorraine Castle, Author’s Virtual Assistant

“Kathy has enthusiasm that is infectious. If you have any talents at all, she will find them, match them to your passions, and show you how to implement them to create a new career that you will love.”

Rachel Frishe, Xero Bookkeeper for Designers and Web Developers

"Having office skills does not equate with being a good virtual assistant. VAs trained by Kathy have real world skills and virtual skills."

Elaine Brennan, Online Business Manager, VA and Marketing Assistant to Business & Career Coaches

"[Kathy's] training is above and beyond what I expected. She teaches you how to create a business you love. Upbeat and proactive, her dedication to teaching and coaching shines through."

Andrea Robinson, Time Saving VA

"Kathy is a great supporter, mentor and confidence booster. [She] helped me choose my niche and start learning my new craft. Thank you Kathy!"







7. It's free!

You could spend hundreds of hours researching how to build a VA business or you can enroll in this free webinar. It provides you with all the information you need to get your business started without making the very costly mistakes most new VAs make…and it only costs 90 minutes of your time.

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of launching your very own Expert VA business? Register now by clicking the button below. You’ll get the keys you need to unlock your own successful virtual assistant career and find the fulfillment you want and deserve!


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