Ready To Use The Skills You Have To Be Your Own Boss?

Believe it or not, you already have a solid suite of skills that business owners need - and the beginnings of your own viable business.

For years, you've worked faithfully in the corporate world. However, you long for a career that offers more flexibility and freedom. Wouldn't it be great to spend more time with family, make your own hours and earn a better income? Achieve your true potential and gain dozens of benefits as you discover the joys, challenges and rewards of launching your next career as a virtual assistant.


What Is A Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Virtual assistants perform administrative, technical and marketing services for various clients. In the past, a VA performed strictly secretarial duties, but today's VA does so much more. You can write blog posts, design newsletters or manage social media sites. The possibilities are endless because as a VA, you're self-employed and choose your clients, jobs and hours.


Why Become A VA?

Experience the freedom, flexibility and fulfillment of being your own boss as you branch out and start your new career! Here's why you should become a VA:

1. Maximize your skills. You have developed specialized skills that your clients need. Maybe you're a marketing guru, know your way around a Wordpress site or specialize in bookkeeping. There are hundreds of clients who need and value your skills!

2. Get excited about work. Shouldn't you enjoy your job? With your own VA business, you can get excited about your job, do interesting work, and feel proud of all you accomplish.

3. Be your own boss. You've spent years working for someone else. Are you ready to get all the credit for your great ideas, hard work and time? Fire your boss and start working for yourself!

4. Choose your own clients. In most corporate jobs, you can't choose your clients. As an Expert VA, you can take on only the work and jobs you truly want to do. You get to choose clients who respect your ability, value your input and mesh with your values.

5. Make your own hours. Tired of missing your child’s game? Ready to take a day (or 2 or 3) off when you need a break...without asking permission? When you work for yourself, you create your own hours and can work as little or as much as you want!

6. Work from home or anywhere. Your days of putting on makeup, styling your hair, and fighting traffic just to go to a job you despise are over. Enjoy the freedom that comes with operating your own VA business as you slide into your comfy yoga pants and take that 2-second walk to your home office.

7. Earn a healthy income. At your current job, you may not have access to pay increases. As an Expert VA, you set your rates and can give yourself a raise whenever you want.

How To Get Started As A VA

Are you ready for a new and exciting career? Maybe you have questions about what services you can perform as a VA, how to find clients or how to set your rates. Learn more about how you can launch your own VA business and realize your professional potential, improve your income and discover the joy of being your own boss.

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