Your Path To A 6-Figure

Virtual Assistant Business

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Are you ready to take the guesswork out of launching your very own Virtual Expert® business?

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Are you ready to launch (or expand) your career as an Expert Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Begin the journey toward owning a successful business that's fulfilling and enjoyable.

You may have questions, though, about how to build your business. Take the guesswork out of your new career endeavor when you enroll in a free training:

Your Path To A 6-Figure

Virtual Assistant Business

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Why Do You Need This Training?

You could guess your way to success, but why not learn from someone who's already a success in the VA industry?

Make sure to join me and learn from my 18+ years of experience in the Industry.

Here's what you'll get out of my webinar:

1. Learn what YOU can do as a virtual assistant.

Ever wonder exactly what kind of work a Virtual Expert® does?  What kind of clients pay virtual assistants for their expertise?  Get real-life examples from successful working VAs. 


2. Learn why being a Virtual Expert® is what will set you apart from low-paid virtual assistants.

Have you ever dreamed of attending an Ivy League school and experiencing all its benefits? Now you can. Virtual Expert® Training is the Ivy League of virtual assistant schools. On the average, Virtual Experts® grow their businesses 3 times faster and easier than non-Virtual Experts.

3. Identify if YOU are ready to become a successful Virtual Expert®.

Your chances of success as a virtual assistant increase when you find the right niche for your professional skills, talents and interests. Learn if you have the necessary skills to hit the ground running and launch an amazing, fulfilling career as a Virtual Expert®

4. Learn the TRUTH about what it takes to step into your power.

Do you have limiting beliefs?  What is stopping you from achieving the kind of freedom and flexibility you desire?  YOU deserve to be appreciated for your strengths. Find out how to become the super hero of your own success.

5. Get access to someone who has accomplished what you want to achieve and can show you the way.

Learn from Kathy Goughenour, a multiple 6-figure virtual assistant and business owner, and founder of Virtual Expert® Training. Experience the passion she has for supporting women just like you to achieve everything your heart desires.

6. It is free!

You could spend hundreds of hours researching how to build a Virtual Expert® business or you can enroll in this free webinar. It provides you with all the information you need to get your business started without making the very costly mistakes most new VAs make…and it only costs 60 minutes of your time.

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"Within 2 months of starting the program, I decided I was going to leave my job. I made a slow transition and worked part-time while I grew my business. By the time I completely resigned, I had set myself up to be making almost 1.5x what I was making at my day job. (Take that, corporate!)"

Tracy Seiner
Live Event Coordinator, Project Manager

"[Kathy's] training is above and beyond what I expected. She teaches you how to create a business you love. Upbeat and proactive, her dedication to teaching and coaching shines through."

Elaine Brennan
Online Business Manager, VA and Marketing Assistant to Business & Career Coaches

"Trying to launch my VA business on my own wasn't working and Kathy's program has really been eye-opening and helped me see this as not just "buying her program" but making the investment in myself because I am worth it and I do have the potential to make this work for me! "

Carrie Wulf
Project Manager

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